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New Rules Make Nepal Tour Very Affordable

From its calm natural beauty to the warmness of its populace, Home Town of Gautama Buddha is really one of the most popular and more undervalued places to visit abroad. Nepal is one of the most favorite tourist destinations of world nowadays. It has become the first choice of all kinds of travelers. It is the best choice for family trip, group tour, honeymoon trip and friend party celebration tours and much more. This is also known as the natural paradise of the earth. It has a lot to offer for every kind of tourist. It is also known for Mount Everest, the highest mountain in all over the world. So it has a lot to give special for tourists. If you don’t have a plan but we have a day and night Nepal Package that allures in term of the accommodations, security, cost factors and security concerns.

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Top Attractions of Nepal for Travelers

Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal is one of the most beautiful and charming destinations of the country. It is a unique combination of modernity, culture and traditional. This city is really a hub of interesting things. You can also plan to Patan, a town of Kathmandu, known for its fair-trade shops, hotels and restaurants all dedicated to channeling tourist money to needy in this country.

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Important Things Decide Before Trip

Before booking the trip for Nepal, you need to decide your budget how much can you invest. How many days do you want to spend in Nepal? How many people are going with you? We have the perfect Nepal Tour Packages that guide you correctly how will you plan to enjoy the trip. Our package has the best plans to direct you from September to December is the best peak season with fresh air, clear skies and days of the sunshine. It is ideal time for mountain climbers. Another good season is from March-April. This is the perfect time for making a plan for a tour of Nepal.

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